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Harbour Station 1885

Serving the town of Porthmadog, Harbour Station is the principal station of the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways.

Situated among the old slate quays of Porthmadog Harbour the station opened in 1865 as the bottom terminus of the Ffestiniog Railway's passenger services. With the arrival of the Welsh Highland Railway in 1923 it briefly decreased in importance as a passenger station but soon regained its prominence. Following the revival of the Festiniog Railway and reopening of the Welsh Highland, Harbour Station has been much expanded with new new sidings and platforms to meet the needs of the modern railways.

As well as the station facilities Harbour Station is also home to the main offices of the Festiniog Railway Company (including the control office which overseas the running of trains on the F&WHR network), the main railway retail shop and Spooner's cafe and bar.

All distance measurements on the FR are measured from the water tower, near the buffer stops. (more...)

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