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Prince at Boston Lodge

Prince is (probably) the third of the first four locomotives built for the FR. It is now numbered No.2, but there is doubt about the order of building and numbering of the first four [England Engines|England engines]]. It was delivered to the FR in January 1864. These locomotives were worked hard, before the arrival of Taliesin, they were coming in for a 2 week period of maintenance every quarter. In this period they would replace brake blocks, brasses and cotter pins in the crank pins as well as replacing some of the firebars.

Prince is temporarily out of use as the boiler certificate expired in May 2010. The loco returned from Highley on 24th January 2012. Prince will celebrate his 150th anniversary in 2013. Plans are being made to ensure he is returned to working order by this date.

Photo credit: Chris Jones

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