Harriet Spooner

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For Harriet Spooner (1830-1914), see Harriet Tiddeman.

Spelled Harriet and/or Harriett. Born 1861, died 1906. Daughter of Thomas John Spooner (Senior) (senior)[1] Married printer Henry Mk Shields Lascelles (1858 - 1907). They had four children:

  • Charles Duncan. died young.
  • Richard Mark, born 1895, died 1917 in WW1.
  • Thomas Spooner Lascelles, 1891- 1960, married Maude Ethel Hember (1891 - 1969).
  • Henry, died young.

In 1901 Kate Ellen Davies (who had by then changed her surname to Spooner) was living with the Lascelles family in Hampstead.[2]

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