Andrew Durham

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Andrew Durham
Official positions held:
FR Co. Chairman 1851 - 1876 intermittent
FR Co. Director pre 1851 - 1876
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He came from Ireland (but born in Bombay in 1792) and was the brother of Sir Joseph Huddart's wife, Elizabeth. During his involvement with the FR he lived mainly in Bath but died in Dover.

He held the office of Chairman of the FR Co., no less than 6 times, a feat never attained before or since although others have held the post for longer. He held office in 1851-2, 1856-8, 1861, 1864, 1867 and finally 1869-76.

During this final period, with the new act of 1869 being enabled, the board consisted of Durham, C. Gaussen, J.G. Livingston, G.A. Huddart, L. Thompson, with C.E. Spooner as manager, secretary and engineer.

He died in office, in late 1876. He was replaced by John Graves Livingston at the next board meeting on 4th Jan 1877

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