Livingston Thompson (1810)

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For the locomotive of the same name, see Livingston Thompson.
Livingston Thompson (1810)
Born 1810
Died September 1874
Children Robert Norman Thompson
Official positions held:
FR Co. Chairman 1853 - 1868 (intermittent)
FR Co. Director 1837 - 08.1874
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Livingston Thompson was born in Dublin in December 1810.[1][2] He became a Barrister-at-Law in Dublin in 1836. He appeared on the Festiniog scene in the early days, and he was one of three directors (the others being Captain James Gandon, and Edward Carreg) to make a stand against Henry Archer in a dispute which ended in Archer relinquishing control of the company in 1837. He held some £4,400 FR ordinary shares in 1857 and became the largest shareholder in the FR Company.

He is last recorded attending an FR board meeting on 12th September 1871. He resigned as a director in August 1874 due to ill health. His writing in later years shows a marked tremor, possibly due to Parkinsonism. He was replaced by Colonel George Halpin

Thompson had served a total of 35 years on the FR Board.

He was a director of the NWNGR at the time of the November 1871 and January 1873 prospectuses (then noted as FR Chairman), but this may have just been in name only. He probably resigned at the same time as he did on the FR.

He died on 19 September 1874, living at Kilquade House, Newtown Mountkennedy, Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

In 1886 the FR named their new Double Fairlie locomotive Livingston Thompson in honour of the former director. It probably was no coincidence that his brother John Graves Livingston was chairman of the FR Co. Board at this time.

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