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The New build of Carriage 100[edit]


Construction started at Boston Lodge in 2006, on the new carriage 100, which is built to a design that has been developed from Carriage 102, built the previous year. These coaches are designed to vastly increase the quality of first class on the railway.

Unlike 102 however, the new 100 contains no guards compartment, this being transferred to the new service cars, of which Carriage 124 will be the first. This therefore vastly increases the amount of first class in these observation vehicles, improving the experience for the passengers.

100 was found to be reciving its final coat of paint on 31/05/06, however there was still some interior work outstanding

By the end of June 2006, 100 was largely complete with painting finished. The carpet was fitted on 3 July 2006, and the armchair seats arrived 5 July 06, and were fitted the following week. Finishing touches and observation seats remained to be fitted, but work on 100 is currently being reduced to allow Carriage 124 to progress at the fastest possable rate. 100 is awaiting bogies, which will proably come from Carriage 103 (1968) when it is withdrawn.

Because the new 100 has no guards compartment it has been neccesary to store the carriage until Carriage 124 has been completed to go with it.

There was a test run with Carriage 100 and Carriage 124 hauled by Moelwyn on 15th March 2007 upto Tan-y-Bwlch. The trial was a success and final snagging work will finsh the carriages for entry into service. FR E-group posting 40067 from Paul Lewin)

Carriage 100 entered service with Carriage 124 in A-set with 11:40 departure on Friday 6 April 2007. It is also provided with three movable tables in the observation end.

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