Carriage 100

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This is the railway's second Carriage 100, for details of the first see Carriage 100 (1964).
Carriage 100
At Porthmadog
Type Observation First
Seating 20 x 1st
Home Railway FR
Status In service
Built by FR Co.
Built 2005/6
Length 38 ft 5 in
Frames Steel

Carriage 100 is a first class observation car built for the FR in 2007.


This Centenary Stock carriage is a first class observation and saloon, similar to, but not identical to Carriage 102. Carriage 100 was the first FR observation carriage to be built without a guards' compartment. This has been moved into Carriage 124 as part of the "service car" idea, whereby the on-train facilities are all housed in one carriage with no passenger accommodation. As a result 100 has the greatest seating capacity of any FR observation car but must be in a carriage set with 124 or 125 in order to provide a guards' compartment. The carriage is provided with 8 moveable seats and 3 tables in the observation end, and 12 Pullman armchair in the top end.

See here for background and details of the construction.

Carriage 100 entered service with Carriage 124 in A-set with 11:40 departure on Friday 6 April 2007.

The carriage received a repaint in November 2015.

Carriage 100 at Porthmadog May 2010

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