Dinas Branch 1899

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Dinas Branch 1899
The branch trackbed in 1967. Photo: Roger Marks
Type Former branch line
Status Lifted, part relaid for carriage shed access
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Tanygrisiau Historic: Dinas
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Glan y Pwll Dinas
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This article is about the later alignment of the Dinas Branch, for the original alignment see Dinas Branch 1836

In 1899 the Festiniog Railway's Dinas Branch was diverted onto a new alignment to allow tipping of slate waste over the old alignment. The new branch remained in use until the railway closed in 1946.


Original Branch[edit]

The original line (red on map) from Dinas Junction served well for over 60 years. However, towards the close of the century, the Oakeley Quarries were looking at extending their tipping facility. In order to facilitate this a new line (green on map) was built, well away from the old one and close to the LNWR standard gauge line (purple dashed on map). This new alignment left the main line near to Glan y Pwll yard where a new locomotive depot was built. At the same time the Afon Barlwyd was diverted to run alongside the curve of the new railway line.

The new alignment served until slate transport ceased in 1946.

The original track was lifted in the 1960s as part of a deal with local scrap merchant.

Recent Re-use[edit]

More recently a single track has been relaid as far as the first bridge (which had been demolished) to give access to a new carriage shed built at Glan y Pwll in 1997.


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