Dinas Station

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Dinas Station
Bleasdale photograph of Dinas Station building, looking from the Portmadoc direction, 1887
Type Former terminus staion
Status Closed, no trace remains
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Original: Dinas Branch 1836
Later: Dinas Branch 1899
Dinas Branch Above Station
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This article is about the original terminus of the FR in Blaenau Ffestiniog. For the NWNGR/WHR station see Dinas Junction

Dinas was the original 1836 terminus of the Festiniog Railway situated near the hamlet of Rhiwbryfdir. Originally the end of the mainline the line here was later downgraded to a branch after the opening of the line to Duffws.


Dinas Station opened for passengers on 6 January 1865, the initial service was five trains to and from Portmadoc each day except Sunday.[1]

In 1866 the FR opened the new branch line to Duffws, nearer to the centre of the town.[2][3][4] Trains from Portmadoc alternated between the two stations,[5] but Duffws was better sited for passenger traffic,[6] so Dinas closed in 1870. Slate traffic to the Dinas station area nevertheless continued well into the 20th Century.[7]

In 1899 the branch leading to the station was diverted to allow slate waste tipping on the original formation.

The station building here was an impressive stone construction combining the station offices and a two story locomotive shed. The engine shed long outlived the station, finally closing in 1900, when it was replaced by a new building at Glan y Pwll.[8] The original shed housed the railway's Top Shunter.[9]

The station was eventually covered by slate waste, under which it is now completely buried.[10]

Station Staff[edit]

The station's first stationmaster was Mr John Lloyd.[11]

In 1872 the station staff were :-

  • Ellis Griffith, Oilman
  • Job Owen, Demurrage, Clerk
  • John Price, Signalman at junction
  • John Griffith, Shunting Stoker

The station continued to be staffed (at a reduced level) until about 1900.


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