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This list is possibly incomplete, but attempts to name all who have been members or held the post of secretary or treasurer to the Festiniog Railway Trust from its inception in 1954 to the present day. It should be noted that persons holding the post of secretary or treasurer are not Trust members.

In the "Related Directorships" column FRC indicates Festiniog Railway Company, FRHe Ffestiniog Railway Heritage Limited and FRS Ffestiniog Railway Society. The term of the related directorships may well be different from the term as a trustee.

Titles, where applicable have been omitted here, but appear on relevant pages. For more specific dates, please see the individuals personal entry

FR Trust Members
Name Term Position Related Directorships
Alexander, John 2004-current Secretary FRHe
Bailey, H. Trevor S. 1954–1991 Member FRC, FRS
Broadbent, Bill 1954-31.12.1998 Member FRC, FRS
Broyd, R. 2008-current Member -
Chicken, Bryan 1963–2004 Secretary FRS
Garland, Patrick 1973–1990 Member -
Garraway, Ron H. R. 1956- ? Member FRS
Greaves, Christopher 20.11.1998-2006 Treasurer -
Jordan, Peter 01.01.1999-2002 Member FRS, FRHe
Jordan, Peter 2006-current Treasurer FRS, FRHe
Lewis, Dewi 2008-2011 Member -
McAlpine, William 1992 Member -
McAlpine, William 01.01.1999-2008 Member -
Prideaux, John DCA 1992–2006 Member FRC
Prideaux, John DCA 2006–current Chairman FRC
Riddick, Robert J.G. 1990-current Member FRHe
Routly, E. John 1954-31.12.1998 Member FRC
Rudgard, R Harold 1956-1957 Member FRS
Schumann, Michael 1995-current Member FRC
Thomas, Adrian 01.04.1997-20.11.1998 Treasurer -
Treloar, Peter 1984-31.03.1997 Treasurer -
Treloar, Peter 01.04.1997-? Legal -
Williams, Gareth 2003-2007 Member FRHe
Williams, Osmond 1979-1995 Member -

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