General Managers, Festiniog Railway Company

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General Managers (and Chief Executives / Managing Directors) of the Festiniog Railway Company. Titles, where applicable have been omitted here, but appear on relevant pages. For more specific dates, please see the individuals personal entry

FR General Managers, Pre Restoration
From To Name
1832 1837 Henry Archer
1837 1856 unknown - possibly James Spooner 1789-1856
1856 Oct 89 probably Charles Easton Spooner He was normally referred to as Secretary & Engineer but occasionally referred to himself as Manager
Oct 89 Dec 1908 John Sylvester Hughes
Jan 1909 Mar 1922 Frederick Vaughan (resigned 1 April 1922)]
Apr 1922 Sep 1923 Septimus Edward Tyrwhitt
Oct 1923 May 1924 John May (designated "Superintendent")
May 1924 May 1925 Eric Harry Raymond Nicholls
May 1925 Oct 1931 Lieutenant-Colonel Holman Fred Stephens
Oct 1931 Dec 1934 Evan Robert Davies
Jan 1935 May 1954 Robert Evans (acting General Manager from January 1933)
FR General Managers, Post Restoration
From To Name
May 1954 Jun 1955 Robert Evans
1955 Aug 1983 Allan Garraway
Mar 1979 Sep 1983 Dick Wollan Chief Executive
Sep 1983 Aug 1991 David Pollock
Aug 1991 Feb 1996 Gordon Rushton
Feb 1996 Sep 2000 Alan Heywood
Oct 2000 Jul 2002 Ken Allen Acting Chief Executive; Managing Director from Autumn 2001
Aug 2002 Dec 2002 Peter Randall Deputy Managing Director from January 2002
Dec 2002 present Paul Lewin Acting General Manager, confirmed General Manager, Spring 2003


There are a number of sources for this material, base is the FRS house magazine and
Boyd, James I.C. (1975) [1959]. The Festiniog Railway 1800 - 1974; Vol. 1 - History and Route. Blandford: The Oakwood Press. ISBN 0-8536-1167-X. OCLC 2074549.

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