Ffestiniog Railway Society Officials

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This page lists all who have held the posts of Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Secretary or Financial Secretary in the Ffestiniog Railway Society (known as the Festiniog Railway Society Limited from its incorporation on 24th December 1954 until 3rd May 1997). For a complete list of directors of the Society see Directors, Ffestiniog Railway Society.

Titles, where applicable have been omitted here, but appear on relevant pages. For more specific dates, please see the individuals personal entry


Lt. Col. Harold Rudgard 1954-8
Bill Broadbent 1958-78
Gordon Caddy 1978-86
Gordon Rushton 1986-91
Peter Jordan 1991-7
Ken Allen 1997-9
Andrew Hayward 1999-2002
Philip J. Hawkins 2002-2006
Richard Stibbs 2006-2008
Howard Wilson 2008-2021
Graham Cole 2021-

Deputy Chairman[edit]

Norman Pearce 1958-86
Andy Savage 1986-97
Peter Jordan 1997-2002
Richard Stibbs 2002-6
Howard Wilson 2006-2008
Alan Pye 2008-


Fred Gilbert 1954-6
Geoff Sumpster 1956-61
Stuart Greenwood 1961-5
Wg. Cdr. Robin Scott 1966-71
Dick Holton 1971-84
David Gordon 1986-95
Nick Short 1995-9
Christopher Boulter 1999-2002
Roger Schofield 2002-

Financial Secretary[edit]

Ron Garraway 1954-67
Bryan Chicken 1967-96
Mike Colville 1996-2001
Graham Bond 2001-

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