Gasworks Siding

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A new location in the middle of Porthmadog, originally created to allow a locomotive to be at the head of a departing WHR train from Harbour Station without having to run round. Since completion of the run-round loop by the WHR platform this has not been needed for this purpose.

There is believed to have been a siding near this location in the early part of the twentieth century to serve the gasworks that stood along the front of Snowdon Street (Heol Y Wyddfa). There is map evidence to show another siding existed to a small building in the midst of what is now the car park. (i.e. just off picture to the right)

During 2015 the stub was extended to form a transfer point so that rail vehicles could be loaded and unloaded from low-loaders positioned in the adjacent car park. This facility was ued for the first time on the 24th of November when Quarry Hunslet Winifred and the old Carriage 117 left the railway.

Passing the stub of the new Gasworks Siding, an early movement prior to opening was the ecs transfer of Loco 87 and Carriage 2090 to Dinas Junction, also part of a training exercise. As can be seen, another length of rail, and ballast, will be needed before this can be used. This was completed in 2015.