Ian Smart

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Ian Smart
Born 1920
Died 2018
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He saw service in World War II and finished as a Lieutenant in the Royal Armoured Corps.[1] Later in the Territorial Army he was promoted to Major. He probably gained his knowledge of diesel engines from his army experience.

His first introduction to the FR was in 1945 when he "broke into the works in the approved fashion". He assured the FR Magazine "Portrait" author that "he only browsed around". [2] He was a director of the Society and the first chairman of the Lancashire and Cheshire Group from 1956. He also ran the FR's transport operation in the early days from 1964. He became a volunteer in 1955 and regularly spent weekends working mainly on the diesel engines for over 50 years. An early contribution was fitting diesel engines into the petrol engined Moelwyn and Simplex. At some point in the early FR revival days he was allowed the use of the old Locomotive Superintendent's office in Boston Lodge Top Yard which led to it becoming known as "Plas Smart."

He worked for the family firm of Arthur Smart & Sons Ltd, which had lorries, and these were frequently lent to the FR as was the case with their "Albion" on "Operation Snapper" to collect the Lynton and Barnstaple coach from Devon in April 1959.

Recipient of a Vice President's Award certificate at the 2010 Ffestiniog Railway Society AGM in recognition of his long service to the Ffestiniog Railway.

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