Moelwyn Quarry Incline

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Moelwyn Quarry Incline
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Dduallt Tanygrisiau
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Moelwyn Halt The Drowned Trackbed
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The inclines to the Moelwyn Slate Quarries connected with the Festiniog Railway by a left-hand junction at Tunnel cottage above Moelwyn Halt.

The inclines are fairly well preserved. Llyn Stwlan (the upper reservoir of the Tanygrisiau pumped starge power scheme) drowned part of the system, at the point where a number of small inclines joined the main pitch. These inclines served small mines on the slopes of Moelwyn Bach and Moelwyn Mawr.

During the construction of the Deviation a culvert (Culvert 7) was near to where the new route crossed the inclines. Small working sites, Mine Site to the north and New Site to the south, were opened in autumn 1972, but much of the line south of here was built using spoil from Tunnel North cutting, railed out through the gap in Archer's Dam. North of here, towards the Llyn Ystradau temporary terminus, the formation was largely graded in February 1975 by Mr Eifion Williams of Oakeley Quarry using excavating machines.[1]

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