The Drowned Trackbed

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The Drowned Trackbed
The Llyn Ystradau area with some construction work underway and showing the soon to be drowned trackbed (on the left hand side)
Type Location
Status Disused, flooded
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Dduallt Tanygrisiau
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Moelwyn Quarry Incline Doppog
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The line of the former trackbed north of the old Moelwyn tunnel can be clearly seen when the water in Llyn Ystradau is not too high.

There was formerly a cottage by the tunnel entrance (sometimes called "Tunnel Cottage" but officially "Moelwyn Cottage") and at this point the main line was also joined by a (still visible) branch from Brookes' Quarry, cut into Moel Ystradau, and a branch from one of the metal mines on the lower slopes of Moelwyn Mawr.

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