Septimus Edward Tyrwhitt

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Septimus Edward Tyrwhitt
Born 1885
Died 1977
The Wirral
Employer Festiniog Railway Company
Occupation General Manager
Predecessor Frederick Vaughan
Successor John May
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Septimus Edward Tyrwhitt was born Dresden, Saxony (now Germany) 14 May 1885. At 1911 Census was living at 9 Sutherland Place Paddington, with profession given as Engineer; at that date working on the staff of the Superintendent of the Line of the GWR.

Tyrwhitt was seconded "for a short time" from the GWR from early 1922 as assistant to Festiniog Railway General Manager Frederick Vaughan and as general manager in his own right on the North Wales Narrow Gauge Railways. On Vaughan's retirement, Tyrwhitt succeeded him as General Manager of the FR from 1 April 1922. On the same date he was also appointed general manager of the newly created Welsh Highland Railway.

Tyrwhitt returned to GWR on 30 September 1923. Tyrwhitt was succeeded on the F&WHR by John May, with title "Superintendent", from October 1923 until August 1924, until he, in turn, was made redundant by new Managing Director, Eric H. R. Nicholls.

Note that he has been misnamed (by Boyd and others) as S.C.Tyrwhitt and G.E.Tyrwhitt.

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