Frederick Vaughan

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Frederick Vaughan
Born 1849
Died 1922
Employer Festiniog Railway Company
Occupation Managing Director
Predecessor John Sylvester Hughes
Successor Septimus Edward Tyrwhitt
Official positions held:
FR Co. Exec 01.1909 - 03.1922
FR Co. Director 1907 - 1921
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Frederick Vaughan was born in Oswestry in 1849,[1] the youngest of 7 children. His father James was a Master Builder employing 25 men, so Frederick's early childhood would have been comfortable. However his father died in 1853, and his mother, Sarah, supported her family by working as a Cabinet Maker. He joined the Cambrian Railways, and rose quickly, becoming Superintendent for the Coast line (in 1881 he was boarding in Tremadoc/Portmadoc, describing himself as a Railway Superintendent). With the Cambrian, he ultimately rose to the post of Chief Traffic Superintendent.

Broadening his horizons, in 1892, he crossed to Ireland to become the Traffic Superintendent of the Waterford & Limerick (which later became the Waterford, Limerick & Western).

When, on January 1st 1901, his company was taken over by the Great Southern & Western, he "retired" (at age 51!) to Kingstown (now known as Dun Laoghaire).

In 1907, whilst seeking a position as auditor for the FR Co., by an introduction from some Irish colleagues, he got himself elected to the board. He was subsequently appointed Managing Director on January 1st 1908, where he remained until 16th July 1921.

At some point, it seems he made a suggestion of a merger with the Aluminium Corporation in connection with their rail interest in the area - NWNGR, PBSSR and Croesor Tramway, but this did not come to any fruition at that time.

However, when the idea of the Welsh Highland began to develop, the Corporation decided to buy out the Festiniog and merge it into a larger operation

At a board meeting, where Jack and associates took control of the board, on 16th July 1921, Vaughan lost his seat at the board, but retained the GM position at a salary of £225pa.[2] His remaining tenure in this position was short lived, however, for at short notice he tendered his resignation, to become effective the first of April 1922.

The retirement was short, as on 6th April 1922 [3] he died, leaving a wife, Louisa Frances Burslem Vaughan, and an estate valued at nearly £7000. The dispatch of his remains for interment at Oswestry, was overseen by such staff as General Manager Tyrwhitt, Traffic Manager A.G. Crick, Traffic Supt. Williams, with Tom Rees, and a young Robert Evans from the office staff.[2]

Census Entry for 1881[edit source]

An entry has been found for this person at Portmadoc
where the year of birth is recorded as: c1849 in Oswestry
The occupation given is: Railway Superintendant
and the FR/WHR connection is verified, but not FR then

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