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Does this article imply that a water supply ran from Moelwyn Old Tunnel to Dduallt Old water tank? I didn't see that - I was on the gang which laid a one-inch polythene pipe from the Old Tunnel to a new tank at Dduallt Station, but I never saw it go further down the line. I thought the original sourve was still good - Will Jones said it had never dried in his time nor in the time of people he had spoken to, so we are looking at a reliable source back at least to 1890. Pnjarvis (talk) 18:57, 28 December 2008 (UTC)

Are we dealing with confusion (in the article) between the slate tank at Tank Curve and the water supply at the station? I'm away from my FR books at the moment but have a hazy 1969 childhood memory (from my first trip to the FR) of the loco taking water while running round, perhaps from a former road tank not unlike the one that was used for too long at TyB. Ben Fisher (talk) 00:22, 29 December 2008 (UTC)

I think Pedr is referring to the line (the original slate water tank was re-commissioned in May 1969 as an emergency supply and later a water supply was provided from the old tunnel) which could imply what he says. It could be reworded better to remove ambigutiy. However, was the tunnel supply piped to the location inside the spiral near to Rhoslyn Bridge where the point levers are?, or another location?. There is also the existance of a deviation period signal box, albeit temporary, which is not mentioned. The article could do with an overhaul --Keith (talk) 2008-12-29T05:52:17 (UTC)

I'm now back with my FR books, and the post-reopening "new" tower I was thinking of at Dduallt was a rectangular metal tank on top of a support frame that looked rather too big for the tank, located at the Blaenau end of the platform; there's a distant but fairly clear photo in BLAP 1954-94 (Middleton). In addition to a rewrite I reckon we could do with some more 1970s pictures of the station. Ben Fisher (talk) 23:08, 29 December 2008 (UTC)

Small problem ..... I started an email to ACG for possible picture use, then remembered we had the upload problem!!. I will perform a bit of a rewrite to include the start to expand the deviation period and clarify the tank point - from the pix Ben pointed to, I "think" that is the same tank now at the opposite end of station.
Aside to Ben - I have found refs, and created templates, to most books and these can be found at Reference Sources Branchlines 54-94 would be {{Mitchell-BAP54}} --Keith (talk) 2008-12-30T10:17:11 (UTC)

KCB 20070319 Numbered Sites.jpg - a small copy of the dviation map In the lack of being able to put pics online, try using an old one .... We have this picture in Branchlines around Port 54-94, picture 85 taken from "about" Rosary down onto station. it shows Linda at a "tank" in the rough location of (0) above, and another, near the stye above the (-1) location. We know of the current location being opposite side of line from (4). There is also the signal box, located at approx (1) --Keith (talk) 2008-12-31T14:44:10 (UTC)