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A bit of self indulgence here on behalf of regular contributors. Please keep any descriptions to a single display line.

(FP) indicates person had a Fotopic site & a link where known. See Fotopic
(WP) indicates person has a number of photos on this wiki, and you access the category here
(FL) indicates person has a Flickr account, and a link is given where known.

Subsequent to the cessation of the operation of Fototopic, it is reasonable to assume that some of these sites had their contents uploaded to other hosts - if you know of any of the Fototopic pages mentioned below which have been uploaded elsewhere, please feel free to change it.

Current Festipedia regular contributors[edit]

  • Mark Temple - P Way vol. 1967-96, now buffet steward and Bristol Group sec.

Other Festipedia contributors[edit]

  • Eddie Bellass - supplier of photographs (FP)(WP)
  • Judith Bentley - Camerawoman (FP) - (WP)
  • Bondy - Carriages
  • Keith Bradbury - wiki groupie, formatting, creating, editing, developing, playing (FP) - (WP) - deceased September 2011.
  • Bruce Brayne - FR & WHR Volunteer in C&W, Marketing and Commerical Departments (FP) - (WP)
  • John Browning - Old PW volunteer. Now a long distance supporter and occasional visitor from Queensland (FP) - (WP)
  • Dan Crow (aka Dan Quine)- Used to be based in the USA, now back in the UK. Does some updating here and there. - (WP)
  • Martin Ellis - Cameraman (FP) - (WP)
  • Andy Elms - Had to look up Raconteur in a dictionary (FP)
  • Ben Fisher - Ran the official Welsh Highland Project website - (WP)

His former website is now administered by the WHR Society and is located here

  • Barrie Hughes Runs the Unofficial Welsh Highland Project website - (WP)

His well known site is located here

  • Graham Isherwood - Slates and Quarries
  • Jeremy Latham - Contributor
  • Roger Marks - supplier of photographs (FP1) and (FP2) - (WP). He now has a replacement Flikr site here
  • Peter Matthews - FR & WHR Operating Volunteer, professional signal engineer - (WP)
  • Tony Statham - supplier of photographs (FP)
  • Paul Turner - Carriages
  • Andrew Wilson - Author of FR and Narrow Gauge Books and long serving FRS member

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