Robert Evans

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Robert Evans
Born 14/02/1879
Morfa Nefin
Died 1960
Known for Being only FR employee from 1947 until 1955
Employer Festiniog Railway
Occupation Manager
Employment started ~1894
Employment ended 01/06/1955
Predecessor Evan Robert Davies
Successor Allan Garraway
Spouse Catherine
Children John Lewis Evans b.1902
Parents John, Catherine
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Born 14/02/1879 in Morfa Nefin, Robert Evans joined the Festiniog Railway Company about 1893 at the age of 13 straight from school. The first note about him in minutes is from 1900 when he was paid 14/- per week (70p). In 1901, when F. G. Crick was asked to retire, Evans was appointed Audit Clerk in his place.

Just before the First World War, his pay was increased by 2/6 (12.5p) to £1 12/6d (£1.62 1/2p). By the review in 1916 by John Macaulay, his salary had increased to £104 10/- (£104.50 or £2.01 per week). In October 1919 the wartime bonuses were paid and he received £1.

From January 1933 Robert Evans was acting General Manager. In May 1935 he became FR Company Manager and remained so until June 1st 1955. His presence at Harbour Station Portmadoc during the closure period prevented vandalism there, for which much gratitude is due, considering that the Company's archives dating back to 1832 were stored in that building.[1] However, he was probably not living there as the 1939 registration shows him at 21 Meadow Drive (near the new by-pass). He had lived in Harbour station earlier.

Alan Pegler relating a visit in January 1953 recalls the "doleful prognostications of dear old Robert Evans".[2] He was presented with a clock by directors of the FR Company and Society to commemorate 61 years service to the the Railway, on the 6th November 1954.[3] For an account of the special train from Minffordd see Michael Davies article in FRM 85.[4]

He was the only employee to work for the old company and the preservation period reformed company continuously, for a total of 62 years. His service ended at the start of June 1955 when Allan Garraway became Manager. Allan mentions that the transition was made more difficult because Mrs Catherine Evans died the day after Robert retired.[5]

After his wife's death he went to live with his son and daughter-in-law in Prestatyn. Robert Evans died in March 1960 and his obituary appeared in the Spring issue (issue 8) of the Magazine of that year.[6]


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