Tom Baskcomb

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Tom joined the Ffestiniog Railway Society in 1957 and was a stalwart of the Midland Group until 1974 when he retired from Sutton Coldfield to Penrhyn. He was a mechanical engineer by profession and his early experiences with steam were in Grimsby among the steam trawlers. He was quiet and unassuming but had a wealth of experience and was ready to impart knowledge and encourage others.

In the years when there were only two steam engines were operational and Moelwyn as standby, Tom regularly travelled out to Porthmadog to give late night assistance to an ailing steam engine. From 1957 he worked on all the FR locomotives. In the early days he worked on Prince under the experienced eye of the late Ron Garraway. In the years leading up to 1980 he was one of four retired engineers who kept up the effort to return Prince to service. In 1960/1 he worked with Dick Hilton on Merrdin Emrys and in 1962/3 on the new arrivals from Penrhyn Railway, Linda & Blanche. Soon after this his son David Baskcomb joined the FR staff and became Blanche's regular driver.

Tom became a part owner of Britomart. He put a great deal of effort into Midland Group wagon building effort culminating in the building of the New No. 1 van and its delivery to Porthmadog in 1964.

He retired with his wife Gay (Gabrielle), who he married in 1939, to Penrhyn. His daughter Katrina married Steve Coulson of Stefcomatic fame. His two other daughters were sharing a farmhouse at Penrhyn.

Tom died on 10th December 1979.[1]

Reference: Based on the 1980 obituary in Ffestiniog Railway Magazine by Gordon Caddy in FRM No.88. page 6.


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