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Gelliwiog, or Gelli Ewigod (= Grove of the hinds) lies on the hillside above the Ffestiniog Railway 1836/1842 route, with a good view of the old routes. The current route (the Deviation) passes the remains of Gelliwiog cottage. There is a foot crossing here.

The shallow cutting in front of the cottage was completed by Autumn 1969.

Gelliwiog was a temporary terminus during construction of the Deviation. A Push Pull service, officially called The Shuttle, operated from Dduallt to here from 26th May 1975 to enable tourists to experience the Deviation route in advance of the opening of the new Tunnel. This was operated by Moel Hebog and Carriage 110.

The cutting immediately to the north was designated Bluebell Site during the Deviation's construction.


Examination of local maps and recent documentation(*) related to the area have revealed that the name of this location is in fact Gelliwenog meaning 'the Smiling Grove'. It is not known how, or when, this was translated to Gelliwiog, but it is referred to as such in records of the Deviation period, and even Boyd in his tome.

(*) - maps examined were the online OS maps from 1889-1979.

1889/91 shows "Gelli-ffwyog" 1901/53/63/67/79 shows "Gelli-wenog"

There was documentation for a planning appeal in 2004, which also referred to location as Gelli-wenog, here

Even this could well not be correct. A document (or indenture) dated 1839 giving thr FR rights to bore the original Moelwyn tunnel gives the spelling as Gelliwriog.

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