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The area railways took a step into the modern age in 2004, with the launch of a webcam. This is a marrying of closed circuit TV and the internet, and, in the way it has been done, is available for all, enthusiasts and public, to enjoy.

The first images were transmitted from the WHRL operation at Gelert's Farm in May 2004. This independent service has now grown to include four different views.

The FR service started later as a private initiative. Likewise, it grew to three cameras, including one located in the shop at Caernarfon, sponsored by an e-group member, looking down the platform.

These are not the first webcams as such, but the first to be made available to the public. There are others on both railways that exist for security purposes only. As per expectation, access to, and location of, these, is not public knowledge.

Images were first broadcast from Porthmadog (WHR) Station in May 2004
Images were first broadcast from Gelerts Farm in August 2004
Images were first broadcast from Cnicht Camera in March 2005
The date transmissions started from Harbour Station is unknown, but at least before Sept 2005
Images were first broadcast from WHR(C) in May 2006

After several IT re-organisations, as of July 2015 the webcams on the FR are working at Harbour Station, Minffordd Station and Tan y Bwlch Station:

The currently active WHRL cameras can be accessed from the railway's own webcam page or from here

These two internal camera show the activity inside the Museum and the Main shed.

These two cameras were active previously, but as they covered a non-operational part of the line, they have been removed from service. The last pictures acquired are still available there.

There was also a temporary camera installed around the time of the installation of the Cae Pawb crossing.

In early 2010, a plan to re-instate the Harbour cameras was launched by the FRS

Here is a montage of some captures over 2005 - 2007

*Captured 2005 - 2007 *By: Keith C. Bradbury

And a few from 2008 from WHR Ltd

Webcam shot 200803111238hb.jpg
Webcam shot 200801281204cp.jpg

WHRTV 200807191029 webcam-hb.jpg
WHRTV 200808071258 webcam-cp.jpg

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