Winter Warmer Weekend 2002

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Winter Warmer Weekend 2002

The following are publicity pictures taken during the event, and previous on the company website. All copyright FR Co. and appear here with permission

Lilla was turned to face downhill for the weekend, and is seen here arriving at Porthmadog on a Penrhyn shuttle train.
Linda had her Penrhyn Quarry Railway cab backsheet refitted, and her FR tender was replaced by a coal wagon (containing an oil tank!)

400pxPalmerston is seen here at Bron Madoc, heading towards Rhiw Plas Bridge
Linda poses at Harbour Station with a train of slate wagons.

Burning coal, Taliesin leaves Harbour Station with a Penrhyn Shuttle train.
Linda hauling a rake of slate wagons, passes Lilla and the shuttle train at Minffordd

Taliesin and the shuttle train prepare to depart Porthmadog
Linda and the wagons cross Cei Mawr.

Palmerston sits and simmers at Porthmadog, awaiting her next turn of duty.
Palmerston and Linda at Porthmadog

Linda on Gwyndy, showing her coal wagon 'tender' and the first of the slate wagons making up her train

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