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This wiki now has a number of pictures loaded into the system and sometimes they have taken over particular pages.

The following links are all to pictorial pages where there are a number of pictures for that item:

Pictorial Pages Table
Original Page Picture Page
Blanche Blanche
Boston Lodge Boston Lodge
Double Heading Double Heading
Harbour Station Harbour Station
K1 K1
Linda Linda
Merddin Emrys Merddin Emrys
Palmerston Palmerston
Prince Prince
Princess Princess
Tan y Bwlch Tan y Bwlch

Cyril Perrier[edit]

The late Cyril Perrier also contributed, exclusively to this wiki, some fascinating pictures, along with recollections of the day they were taken. These can be found at:

Weston Langford[edit]

Weston Langford, an Australian railway enthusiast and engineer, visited the railway in August 1971. These are some of approximately 21000 photos online at his site, of which 41 are related to the Festiniog Railway

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