Quellyn Lake

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Quellyn Lake, or Quellyn Lake Halt was a name used for what is now called Snowdon Ranger (Station).

Documents in the Public Record Office MT29 38 230 show the inspection by Major Marindin of Line No.7 from Moel Tryfan Junction to Quellyn, a distance of 6m 26ch, on 31 July 1877 and a further inspection on 20th August 1877 giving permission to open the line thither. Next, at MT29 39 162 is an inspection by Major Marindin on 28 May 1878 for a further 7 furlongs from Quellyn to Snowdon Ranger.

Name Changing[edit]

There has been much confusion over the names of the three locations in this area.

The location adjacent to the Castell Cidwm overbridge, known as Quellyn, was only in use, as a temporary terminus, for a very short time, in 1877-8. This was because the line onwards had not been passed for public use by the Board of Trade Inspectors, at that time.

The location now known as Snowdon Ranger, was so named from its opening, in May 1878 (documents from the Public Record Office {MT 39 39 162}), until approximately 1893. From that point, the name Quellyn Lake Station was used, until the closure in 1937. In fact, a map of 1978, still calls the location by that name. (Other stations are no longer named.) Throughout the rebuild, the name has firmly been set as Snowdon Ranger.

The next station, Rhyd Ddu, was given that name in 1881 on opening. It is thought to have been changed to South Snowdon in 1893. By maps and photos, it would appear to have been shortened to just Snowdon Station sometime around 1900. It reverted to South Snowdon in Oct 1923 and remained like this until closure in 1937, appearing as such in WHR timetables. Throughout the rebuild, the name has firmly been set as Rhyd Ddu.

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