The Original Line Above Dduallt To The Old Moelwyn Tunnel

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The Original Line Above Dduallt To The Old Moelwyn Tunnel
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Dduallt Tanygrisiau
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Dduallt Tunnel South Halt
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This page contains a number of photographs of the old line above Dduallt en route to the Old Moelwyn Tunnel. The track led to the tunnel mess during the deviation work, and was still used occasionally for rail access to it.

Dry-stone embanking and walling are an important feature of the FR,(particularly in its upper part) often unsung and unseen except by walkers, since they are not easily visible from a moving train. The best example of dry-stone embanking, on the current line, is Cei Mawr but there is also a good example on the old line which can be seen from passing trains.

There was an old footbridge just south of this embankment. However, in recent years the current land owner has removed it from it original position as it was becoming a potential hazard. It now rests on the ground some 20m. south.

This was not in fact the earliest alignment of the FR in this area. The old Moelwyn Tunnel was not built until 1842 and until that date the line was carried over the hill by two inclines, see The 1836 Inclines.

As part of the compulsory purchase for the Deviation works, the old trackbed was partly exchanged with the local sheep farmers for land required for the new. Therefore, to keep good relations with neighbours, keep to the marked footpaths in this area as otherwise you'll be trespassing.

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