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This page deals with carriages used on the Welsh Highland Heritage Railway (WHHR).

WHR Carriages deals with carriages used on the modern Welsh Highland Railway (WHR) since 1997.

WHR Carriages (Pre Preservation) deals with the carriages of the original WHR and its predecessor the North Wales Narrow Gauge Railways (NWNGR).

Key: In service Stored Scrapped Renumbered or repurposed Preserved elsewhere Under construction
Number Name Whls Length Seats Brakes Builder Built Type Notes
1 Cote Coach Bogie 23' 20 Air WHR Ltd 1973 Observation and Brake end car with central glazed saloon; observation compartment is part-glazed. Based on modified Hudson chassis. Sold to Teifi Valley Railway.
2 V.O.R. Brake 4 wheel - - Air Midland Railway Carriage & Wagon Co. (Rebuilt GWR 1938) 1902 Brake Van Ex. Vale of Rheidol Railway, sold by British Rail 1968.
3 "Old Toastie" Bogie 16' 18 Air WHR Ltd 1980 Open toast rack, non-glazed, 3 compartments. Based on Hudson chassis. Sold to a private railway in Hampshire
5 - Bogie 39' 44 - - 1913 - Chassis of Deutsche Reichsbahn bogie coach awaiting new body. No. 960 140 imported 1972. Returned to Germany August 2009.
6 The Four Wheeler 4 wheel 16' 12 Air WHR Ltd 1995 ¹ - Converted from RNAD flat wagon No. 69
Former 6 - Bogie 16' 18 - WHR Ltd 1981 Semi-open toast rack, part-glazed, 3 compartments. Based on Hudson chassis. Sold to Amerton Railway.
7 Eisteddfod coach Bogie 26' 32 Air WHR Ltd 1987 Saloon, central corridor, fully glazed. Based on modified Hudson chassis.
8 (later 29) Gladstone Car Bogie 26' 24 Air & through vacuum pipe Metropolitan Carriage & Wagon Co. 1891 Central glazed saloon, open balcony at either end. Ex North Wales Narrow Gauge Railways. Recovered in 1988.
9 Ashbury corridor (replica) Bogie 30' 33 Air WHR Ltd and Stanegate Restorations & Replicas Ltd 2007/10 Saloon fully-glazed, centre corridor. The original 1893 Ashbury carriage No.25 had been scrapped in 1942. This replica entered service in spring 2010.
10 (later 23, then 24) Buffet Car Bogie 30' 33 Air, converted to vacuum Ashbury Rly Carriage & Iron Co. 1893 Saloon fully-glazed, centre corridor. Ex North Wales Narrow Gauge Railways. Modified to form Buffet Car in 1927. Recovered in 1987. Restored, entered service in spring 2009.
42 Tourist Toastrack Bogie 24 Air Hudson 1923 Open tourist 'toast-rack' One of six original toast-racks used on both WHR and FR. Now undergoing restoration.
Pickering Brake (Replica) Bogie Air/Vacuum Boston Lodge 2019-c.2021 Brake third with wheelchair access


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