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Basic category for rolling stock.

The main focus is of course the rolling stock of the raisons d'être for this encyclopedia – the FR pre- and post-preservation, the WHR and its forerunners, the WHR(C) and the WHRL – but visiting vehicles and some other associated vehicles, like ones from quarries or quarry tramways associated with the FR and WHR, also have their places (in proper subcategories). The same might go, in a future, for e.g. vehicles made at Boston Lodge for external customers.

No subcategories or pages for individual vehicles in this category – only for stock normally running or having run on the respective companies' railways, being of a certain type (including Locomtives, Carriages, Vans, Wagons) or having something else in common as the titles suggest.

Some subcategories may also contain vehicles outside the scope of this main category.

A word of warning: These categories may be obsolete, as may the articles linked in the list below. Both are manually maintained by volunteering editors.

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