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This page deals with carriages used on the modern Welsh Highland Railway (WHR) since 1997. WHR Carriages (Pre Preservation) deals with the carriages of the original WHR and its predecessor the North Wales Narrow Gauge Railways (NWNGR). WHR Ltd Carriages deals with those carriages of the Welsh Highland Heritage Railway (WHHR).

For train formations, see WHR Carriage Formations.

Historic Carriages[edit]

Surviving and replica vehicles from the original WHR now normally used on the modern railway. Some other original and replica carriages exist based on the FR or WHHR.

  • Carriage 23 - NWNGR Summer Car, originally NWNG No.11. In WHR livery/condition
  • Carriage 24 - Replica of NWNGR Summer Car

Carriages built new for the WHR[edit]

As the WHR has had a shorter life compared to the FR it has been easier to standardise on carriage construction. All carriages have a mild steel box section underframe which has a stainless steel body frame welded onto it, which is then clad with wooden panels inside and out. Carriage 2090, the second batch and all subsequent carriages have double doors at one end of the carriage for disabled passengers, and passenger doors have been painted cream for contrast against the red bodyside panels for the benefit of partially sighted passengers, as required by MoT Regulations. It is arguable whether this is an improvement to the artistic appearance of the train. Each carriage costs around £250,000 including the bogies for the now standard 13 metre design but service cars and first class carriages will have a higher cost of construction.

Service Vehicles[edit]

With buffet, toilet and guard's areas.

Semi Opens (3rd Class)[edit]

Closed Saloon Carriages (3rd Class)[edit]

Brake Carriages[edit]

With seating, toilet and storage area for luggage, bicycles etc.

Pullman 1st Class Carriages[edit]

Carriages originating elsewhere[edit]

  • Parry People Movers - railcars using flywheel power on demonstration/trial
  • Carriage 1001 (PW mess coach/brake, ex Royal Navy Upnor & Lodge Hill Railway via Welshpool & Llanfair)
  • Carriage 2060 - Romanian Carriage refurbished and regauged.

Future Carriages[edit]

Under Construction[edit]


  • A second Pullman saloon - it has been said that both WHR rakes would ideally have both a saloon of the Bodysgallen type and an Obs similar to Glaslyn.
  • A replica of one of the NWNGR Ashbury brake composites of 1877.[1]
  • Carriage 2048, a third-class saloon to take the place of 116.

Previously planned[edit]

  • Carriages 2070 & 2071 (Disabled Access); construction was intended in the third batch, but as the second batch of 'standard' saloons have wider doors and wheelchair spaces, they can be considered to fulfill this role but with the numbering in line with the other saloons.

Ffestiniog Railway Carriages used on the WHR[edit]

To supplement the WHR carriages several modern FR carriages have been used in the main WHR carriage sets. Before the completion of the line through to Porthmadog these included Carriage 100, Carriage 101 and Carriage 113. After the completion of the WHR , the strengthening of WHR sets with FR carriages (originally at peak times) became commonplace. Currently 116 and 122 are considered "permanently" part of WHR sets, both having been allocated exclusively to the WHR since the beginning of 2011. For other carriages which have been used at various times since then see the lists below.

Additionally full trains of FR stock can be found in use on the WHR for special trains and at events.

Currently used on the WHR[edit]

Previously used on the WHR[edit]

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