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This page deals with FR coaching stock in the preservation era including vehicles which date back to before 1954. Because some vehicles have been renumbered and because some carriages and vans have carried the same numbers, a ready reference guide to numbering changes in the post-preservation era has been prepared and can be accessed here.

A full survey of pre-preservation coaching stock can be found at Carriages (Pre Preservation).

Updated details of the Carriage Sets currently used in operation can be found at Carriage sets


The old FR Co. numbered its public passenger carriages, passenger brake/luggage vans, quarrymen's carriages and goods brake vans in four, separate, series.

Following preservation, a unified numbering series for coaching stock was adopted. The two four-wheeled ex-Quarrymen's goods brake vans, the surviving Quarrymen's carriage and the three bogie brake vans that had been adapted to include passenger compartments were renumbered using vacant slots among the surviving carriages, respectively 1, 2, 8, 10, 11 & 12. However by 1996 the restoration and replication of carriages had, or soon would have, recreated the vehicles that originally carried these numbers, a situation inconceivable to the preservation pioneers, so in order to accommodate all the vehicles the heritage bogie vans, including the newly-built 'curly roof van' have been renumbered into their own separate series, along with the old-style four-wheeled brake vans 6 (formerly 2) and 7 (replica of old No 1 van).

Despite this the three rebuilt bogie vans have recently been carrying their historic (early preservation period) identities of 10-12, to match their current condition which represents that period. There is, therefore, possible confusion with four-wheel carriages 10-12.

There are photographs of one particular carriage that has, to date, eluded identification. Details of this can be found here

4 Wheeled Coaching stock[edit]

Bug Boxes (Small Birminghams)[edit]

  • Carriage 1 - Replica "zoo car" previously numbered Carriage 9.
  • Carriage 2 - First class, previously numbered Carriage 6.
  • Carriage 3 - Third Class.
  • Carriage 4 - Third Class.
  • Carriage 5 - Third Class.
  • Carriage 11 - Open coach, known as "The Flying Bench", now fitted with a replica canopy and leather aprons. Previously numbered Carriage 12 and Carriage 7.
  • Carriage 12 - Replica "porthole bugbox".
  • Carriage 13 - Similar to Flying Bench. It survived just into preservation era, but was an early candidate for scrapping. Some parts re-used on Carriage 12.

Quarrymen's Carriages[edit]

Ashbury 4-Wheel Carriages[edit]

  • Carriage 9 - Second generation small Ashbury. Type no longer exists but replica 10 built.
  • Carriage 10 - The 2006 replica Ashbury first class.

Brake Vans[edit]

  • Van 1 - (1955) - Goods Brake ex quarrymen's carriage with two balconies - withdrawn in 1963 and no longer exists.
  • Van 3 - Replica of "Sentry-Box" passenger brake van to 1865 design, built 2013-4.
  • Van 6 - Goods Brake ex Quarrymen's Carriage - balcony at one end only.
  • Van 7 - Replica of old Van 1 (1955) above.

Bogie Coaching Stock[edit]

Brake and Luggage Vans[edit]

  • Van 1 - The replica "Curly Roofed Van".
  • Van 2 - Now carrying its historic (1960s) identity Carriage 10.
  • Van 3 - (1876) - Survived to 1955 but never returned to service - no longer exists.
  • Van 4 - Now carrying its historic (1960s) identity Carriage 11.
  • Van 5 - Now carrying its historic (1960s) identity Carriage 12.

Ex-Lynton & Barnstaple Railway Stock[edit]

Pioneer Bogie Carriages[edit]

Carriages 17 to 20 - "Bowsiders"[edit]

Ashbury Bogie Stock, variously rebuilt[edit]

Open Carriages - Hudson Toastracks reconstructed in the preservation era[edit]


Carriages 100 - 107 and beyond - the "Barns"[edit]

First generation Barns or 'Centenary Stock'[edit]
  • Carriage 100 (first) - Observation car - allocated to the WHR from 2003 and renumbered 1000 in 2006. Dismantled 2010.
  • Carriage 101 - Old style Observation Car - allocated to the WHR from 2006-2009, renumbered to 123 2010, becoming "back to front" 3rd class observation saloon (disabled access).
  • Carriage 103 (first) - Buffet Car - withdrawn 2006.
  • Carriage 104 - Composite saloon. First carriage of the Barn series to be built (originally 24). 1st class compartment retained but declassified.
  • Carriage 105 - Lavatory fitted all-third saloon - disabled access.
  • Carriage 106 - Composite saloon. Orignal body withdrawn and replaced 2002. (see below)
  • Carriage 123 - "Back to front" 3rd class observation saloon, formerly Carriage 101.
Second generation Barns[edit]
  • Carriage 106 - Composite saloon (replacement body). 1st class compartment retained but declassified.
  • Carriage 100 (second) - New style observation car (without guard's compartment).
  • Carriage 102 - New style observation car (with guards's compartment).
  • Carriage 107 - Composite saloon. 1st class compartment retained but declassified.
  • Carriage 124 - Service Car (Buffet-Toilet-Guard).
Super Barns, sometimes called Super Saloons[edit]

Prototype Metal-Bodied Carriages[edit]

Carriages 112 - 114 - the Carnforths[edit]

Carriages 117 - 121 – the Tin Cars[edit]

Under Construction[edit]

Service stock[edit]

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