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Boston Lodge Halt to Minffordd Penrhyn to Plas Halt
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Stations and halts are in larger type. Locations on the current official route as defined by the rule book are in bold. Inset locations are not on the route itself but are nearby and of interest.

  • Gwyndy (White house)
  • Gwyndy Cutting
  • Tŷ Fry Curve (Upper house)
  • Pen y Bryn Foot Crossing
  • Capel Nazareth Bridge – bridge over the narrow lane by Nazareth chapel.
  • Capel Nazareth Cutting
  • Highgate Cutting
  • Milepost 3
  • Highgate Foot Crossing
  • Bron Gwynedd Foot Crossing
  • Bakehouse Crossing
  • Penrhyn Station

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  • Compiled from the original FR Heritage Chronology, available from the FRHG and used here with permission