England Engine Tanks and Cabs

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Over the years the England locomotives became different from each other in the way they were altered. In particular the tanks and cab of each locomotive became particular despite appearing the same.

Saddle Tanks[edit]


The surviving four saddle tanks are three different lengths. Welsh Pony might be expected to have a longer tank because of the longer wheelbase, but the length of Palmerston's tank cannot be explained, as it was the first of a kind.

Current tank lengths and calculated capacities[edit]


Tank 1895.[1]
84" long, capacity 380 gallons


Tank 1892.[1]
84" long, capacity 380 gallons


Tank 1888.[1]
87" long, capacity 393 gallons

Welsh Pony[edit]

Tank 1891.[1]
92" long, capacity 415 gallons



The original four engines do not appear to have been supplied with a cab or cab sheet. However there are photographs of Princess c1871 with a cab sheet. In 1887 with the Bleasdale photographs both Princess and Prince have cabsheets.

In the interim period there are photographs of Mountaineer c1877, Princess in c1878 (as Top Shunter) and c1880 (on loan to the F&BR) and Palmerston c1880-1886 (Bottom Shunter) all without a cabsheet.

Prince is recorded as having a new cabsheet made in 1881 and then again in 1884. Princess is recorded as having a crude form of cabsheet made in 1882 and then receiving Palmerston's cabsheet in 1887. There is no record of a cabsheet being made for either Mountaineer or Palmerston. This leads to conjecture that possibly there were two cabsheets made and they were transferred from engine to engine when they were used on main line duties rather than Top or Bottom Shunter.

Prince had a temporary cab fitted in 1890 and this was transferred to Princess in 1891 (see photograph on Princess page)

Palmerston was fitted with a full cab in 1888, Prince in 1892 and Princess in 1895.

The two large Englands were fitted with a cabsheet from new and this they retained until they were rebuilt with full cabs in 1891 (Welsh Pony) and 1888 (Little Giant)

In 1891 Palmerston had its cab shortened by approximately 8 inches. In 1980 Prince was rebuilt with a wider and taller cab with widened doorways.

Current cab dimensions[edit]


Length 54 inches, Height 70 inches, Width 63 inches

Side door width 10 inches, rear door width 15.5 inches

Front panel 24.5 inches, rear panel 19.25 inches


Length 60 inches, Height 73 inches, Width 66.5 inches

Side door width 16 inches, rear door width 18.5 inches

Front panel 24.5 inches, rear panel 19.25 inches


Length 51 inches, Height 70 inches, width 64 inches

Side door width 12 inches, rear door width 14 inches

Front panel 23 inches, rear panel 15.5 inches

Welsh Pony[edit]

Length 56 inches, Height 71 inches, Width 63 inches

Side door 10 inches, rear door width 15.5 inches

Front panel 23 inches, rear panel 22.5 inches

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