Ffestiniog Railway Buildings

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The Ffestiniog Railway has many buildings within its portfolio most of them are listed as being of architectural and/or historical interest. This is not surprising given the history of the railway.

The Ffestiniog Railway has a Buildings Register and the following is a basic index of the buildings on the register. The plan is to run an audit on all these buildings and to make this available on Festipedia.

The audit will record the ongoing current condition of the buildings and this will be updated as the situations changes.

The audit will record the plans for the buildings and will prioritise works required.

Each building will have a photographic record and a section devoted to the history of the building and a description of its significance.

As a resource for tracking the changes over time, a catalogue of historical photographs will be set up and contributions will be encouraged from private collections belonging to FR enthusiast from the early days of the railway.

The historical photographs may be accessed from the articles on individual buildings.

The Index is as follows:-

Festiniog Railway Buildings[edit]