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Rhoslyn Cottage Deviation Stone
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Note- sites -1 and 0 were further south than shown on this map.

There were 6 initial sites on the deviation, Sites -1, 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4, which never seemed to gain names (or at least names that survived). The original plan was that the working sites would be numbered sequentially along the Deviation. The first new work along the line was the embankment curving away from the old line north of Dduallt, so that became Site 1. Site 2 was the northern approach to the cutting on the far side of the spiral, Site 3 was the southern end of the cutting and the start of Cei a'r Bont, and Site 4 was the foundations for Rhoslyn Bridge.

It was later decided that works within Dduallt station limits would be numbered in the sequence, so they became 0 and -1. After Rhoslyn Bridge (Site 4) sites were named and the numbering was discontinued.

It should be realised that a "site" started at a particular point. As it developed, material was dug out to form a cutting and was transported by a skip on track to be dumped to form an embankment. Some of the later sites (near the tunnel) became quite long, up to 200 metres. The numbered sites covered the near 240 degree curve out of Dduallt station to Rhoslyn Bridge.

These now have their own pages and can be found here:-

There has been some confusion as to the location of some of the sites, especially Deviation Site 4 which was actually the foundations for Rhoslyn Bridge. These wiki pages now relate to the correct sites as given by Dan Wilson in the FR Magazines, at the time.

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