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Listening and Watching[edit]

For those possessing satellite systems, it is possible to monitor what is being broadcast in Wales. Please see this page for details on how to view.

FR and Broadcast Media Programmes[edit]

Over the years, there have been a number of occasions when professional film crews have visited the railway. This page is an attempt to log these and give information as to the subsequent use made of the filming.

This includes clips for TV programmes, whole TV programmes, and commercial videos

I am sorry but, except for the ones marked, we cannot give any indication as to commercial availability of any of the recordings. The source indicates person from whom the information came from - it does not indicate they own such material.

Pre Preservation[edit]

Pre Preservation Material
Year Month Day Programme or title of clip Medium Duration Date Shown Note or Comment Source
1934 . . The Phantom Light Film 7.26 1934 Opening shots of train to Tan y Bwlch. Black and white Andrew Lance
1936 . . BBC Radio Broadcast . 1936 History of railway, recordings on the railway and description of how slates were brought down by Mr Seaborne, Votty & Bowydd, Robert Evans, Morris Davies, Bessie Jones Chris Jones
1936 12 14 Pathé News Digital 0.38 1936 Details from Pathé Library ref 2959_02 Port, Tan-y-Bwlch with passenger train, Garnedd & near Moelwyn Tunnel with slate empties,Taliesin B&W Mute Keith
1939 19 01 Pathé News Digital 0:45 . Details from Pathé Library ref 1266.30 All at Tan-y-Bwlch, showing the double fairlie Taliesin B&W Sound Keith
1936 Channel Four Digital 23.53 1990 Documentary history of the FR, includes film of Merddin Emrys(?) travelling from Port, via Tan y Bwlch to Stesion Fein starting at 3:30 B&W with narration DanC


1960s Material
Year Month Day Programme or title of clip Medium Duration Date Shown Note or Comment Source
1961 Colour film 8mm 6.46 . ME in red oxide, turns into Taliesin occasionally. Bessie Jones at TyB. Guard? Commentary by original filmers Andrew Lance
1963 Pathé News Digital 7:45 . Details from Pathé Library ref 2657.02 Centenary of Steam B&W Mute Keith
1964 08 30 Pathé News Digital 0:45 . Details from Pathé Library ref 287.10 Porthmadog Colour B&W Sound Keith
1964 Pathé News Digital 6.46 . Details from Pathé Library ref 293_05 - Montage mix of outtakes - FR starts at 3m 50s in. Colour Mute Keith


1970s Material
Year Month Day Programme or title of clip Medium Duration Date Shown Note or Comment Source
1973 Sounds of the Festiniog 7" EP . Argo Transcord Andrew Lance
1970 Ffestiniog Country 16mm 29.50 . Mary Stevenson. Shows Snowdon, Fairbourne, Vale of Rheidol, Welshpool and Talyllyn 10minutes. EofM with Evan Davies, Alan Heywood, Alan Pegler, fireman??. Ian Rudd in buffet car drinking Andrew Lance
1974 April 8 Look Stranger - The Campbells Came By Rail BBC 25.19 . John Harrison helps start the Colonel. Mr and Mrs Johnson meet the Colonel at Coed y Bleiddiau. Rhys Davies, farmer around Dduallt. Blasting at the tunnel with Bunny Lewis and Martin Duncan [1] Andrew Lance
1974-1976 The Great Little Trains of Wales HTV 24.47 . With Wynford Vaughan~Thomas
1. The Bala Lake Railway
2. The Welshpool and Llanfair Railway
3. The Ffestiniog Railway
4. The Vale of Rheidol Railway
5. The Talyllyn Railway
6. The Llanberis Lake and The Snowdon Mountain Railway
7. Dream Trains - Teifi Valley, Gwili, Welsh Highland (Portmadog), Llangollen
Each program lasts approximately 26 minutes, 1-6 were released on 3 VHS tapes
Andrew Lance
1977 November 18 Go with Noakes BBC ? . Repeated with extra preface 1st July 1984. Also Outtakes 14.29 [2] Andrew Lance
1980 January 3 The Line That Refused To Die BBC . . Presented by Bob Symes. [3] Andrew Lance


1980s Material
Year Month Day Programme or title of clip Medium Duration Date Shown Note or Comment Source
1983 Ffestiniog Holiday 23.41 Windjammer Film Production.
Jo Clulow? And ……… on Linda. Buffet steward ??. Includes the speech from George Thomas M.P. on 30th April 1983 for the official re-opening of Blaenau Ffestiniog. Mair Watson in the booking Office. John Halsall and Pete Magney in the carriage shop. In the Works. Arthur Brookes turning wheels. Gill Shepherd in the shop, Brian Bushell as Father Christmas, firemen ?
Andrew Lance
1984 Treasure Hunt C4 11.45 15th March 1984 youtube Anneka Rice lands on beach at Harbour station (2 hours late) and tries to cross between shunting train. Terry Turner? on P.A. Guard Mike Stringer. Elaine and David Jones then Colin Dukes, Mair Watson, Ann Dukes and the bus drivers in the Café. Anneka then takes off and flies to Portmeirion Andrew Lance
1985 Nov 8 Brookside C4 08-Nov-1985 Linda as a gas producer driven by Seamus Rogers. (Rod Buchanan Collection) Andrew Lance
1986 Crwydro'r Cledrau S4C 15.12 Wandering The Rails. 8 programmes including one for Ffestiniog Railway. Mountaineer with fireman ??. Inside the museum, ??. Painting Blanche's smokebox. Mair Watson in the Booking Office. Interview with Evan Davies. Graham Byrom drinking in buffet car, ??. serving. Guard at end ? (Steve Coulson and Jon Whalley Collections.) Andrew Lance
1986 Ar y Ffordd S4C 25.26 Presented by Lynn Davies. Filmed during 1986 Gala, shows Mike Todd, Chris Richardson, Seamus Rogers, Dave Hedger, Peter Harrison Jon Whalley and others. Gwen Williams (Blaenau Shop and Café) and Evan Davies are interviewed. Gareth Heulfryn from Gwynedd Archives (Gareth Haulfryn Williams, later FRS-nominated member of FRT) is in the museum. George Washington Jones and Rhian y Ddol from Blaenau are also interviewed (2nd generation from Jon Whalley Collection, end cut) Andrew Lance
1987 News - Share Issue BBC 1.26 John Whalley watches orange Conwy Castle at Porthmadog. Firemen Albert Sell? and ?. Interview with David Pollock Andrew Lance
1988 News Merddin Emrys re-launch HTV 1.14 Mike Schumann talking. Jo Clulow driving, Seamus Rogers on ground frame Andrew Lance
1988 Aug 2 Holiday 88 BBC 6.34 Simon Buckley is buffet steward Andrew Lance


1990s Material
Year Month Day Programme or title of clip Medium Duration Date Shown Note or Comment Source
1990 Hel Straeon S4C 5.52 . Seamus Rogers on EofM, Ian Rudd on Mountaineer, Eurwyn Jones interviewed at TyB on 3 coach push-pull. John Williams showing 112 at Boston Lodge.Machinist Twm….? Guard Andrew Lance. Ian Yates rubbing down 19 Andrew Lance
1990 Design Matters C4 4.43 ? Terry Turner, Colin Sudlow, Andrew Arrowsmith on Linda. Andrew Lance buffet steward. Interview with Will Roberts at Gloddfa Ganol Andrew Lance
1990 Sep 12-14 French Holiday Programme video . 12.45 1990 At Boston Lodge, Phil Traxon and Dave Yates.At Porthmadog Chris Burn-Murdoch, Helen Waters, Andrew Lance, Jo Clulow, Claire Stanton, Stewart Macfarlane on P.A. Ian Raxton trainee guard. Catherine Herrick (buffet) and Evan Davies. Nick Corley and Jo Clulow on EofM. Trish Doyle and Jackie Mitchelmore in café. Meirion Roberts at Penrhyn. Julian Dixon trainee guard at TyB. Paul O'Brien trainee fireman of Mountain Prince with Phil Traxson supervising and Dave Yates driving Andrew Lance
1991 Peter Sharratt Set Loose TVAM . . Gravity train with museum horse, Dave High driving. Andrew Lance shunting Rob Turnbull passing. Alan Heywood talking. Julia Macgregor buffet trolley. Thelma Hancock and Paul O’Brien talking. Fred Howes and Andy Putnam on weedkiller train. Colin Sudlow and Andrew Tarring at Boston Lodge. 9 minutes Andrew Lance
1992 Ffestiniog Etifeddiant Rheillffordd Mercia for S4C 26.08 ? Welsh version of Mercia video Andrew Lance
1993 Steil S4C 6.02 . Welsh fashion programme. Mike Middleton and Colin Dukes on Prince (only poor quality video held) Andrew Lance
1993 Hit the Road BBC . . Starts from Portmeirion and passes through Porthmadog. Aerial view of Minffordd yard. Andrew Lance
1993 Feb 6 Steaming Passions Glasgow based production company for C4 available on VHS Centre section of the programme is based on FR. Features Eileen Clayton, Neil Clayton, Dave Charlton, Sara Shrives, Martin Wiseman, Sharon Wilson, Sarah van Lottum, Stewart Macfarlane. Filmed at P&G Weekend in Autumn 1991 and in February 1992. First broadcast in March 1993 Andrew Lance
1993 Jun The Last Train Round Wales HTV 11.24 1994 HTV Filmed June 1993 [4] Andrew Lance
1993 Aug Slot Sadwrn S4C 25.05 Welsh kids programme. Live broadcast from train. Interview with Aled Lloyd at Minffordd. Driver Colin Dukes, guard Andrew Lance Andrew Lance
1993 Oct Live and Kicking BBC 7.14 youtube Harriet Morgan introduces the railway. Evan Davies on Linda. Jenny Waters, Paul O'Brien and Mark Quale preparing engines. Catherine and Zoe Hopkinson and Gordon Rushton on Sgt Murphy. Eileen Clayton and lots of P&G volumteers on train. Robert Shrives at Lotties Andrew Lance
1994 Reportage BBC North 3.40 Steam and Cuisine meal on train hauled by Prince and Linda Andrew Lance
1994 Mar 16 Def2 Reportage BBC 19.15 'Blind Date' style programme ending with Steam & Cuisine 2 minutes. BBC North (only poor quality video held) Andrew Lance
1994 Apr 22 Granada Action ITV 7.27 Jenny Waters, Gordon Rushton, Andrew Arrowsmith, Dave Charlton Andrew Lance
1994 Sep 9 Big Day Out BBC 46.47 9th September 1994 BBC1. Presented by Mo Dutta, Bob Langley, Victoria Studd. Evan Davies on DLG. Archive film from Gloddfa Ganol, interview with former quarryman Ernest Jones. Gordon Rushton Jill Franklin, Helen Waters, David Parkin, Maurice Pinner all speak. Also seen, Louis Berger, Seamus Rogers. Footage from the 1993 Gala Andrew Lance
1994 Nov Good Morning with Anne and Nick - The Garden Guru BBC 6.28 11th April 1995 Filmed November 1994. Anthony Henn tries to tell Eileen Clayton how to garden. Intro took 15 takes. Graham Byrom, Paul Davies and Eamonn Seddon were train crew Andrew Lance
1995 Slate Programme S4C 20.38 Dinorwic and Nantlle Quarries. Penrhyn Quarry Railway(Start Missing from copy held) Andrew Lance
1995 Another slate programme S4C 18.04 mainly Dinorwic Quarry (Start Missing, end of titles missing from copy held) Andrew Lance
1995 Jan 20 Bitsa BBC 14.26 20th January 1995 Rod Buchanan Collection. Board the train at valve-house crossing, Harriet Morgan serves drinks. Leave train at Plas Halt Andrew Lance
1995 Feb 5 Llwybrau Dei S4C 24.46 Walking the WHR from Porthmadog to Caernarfon Andrew Lance
1995 Mar 8 Wales Today BBC 2.02 8th March 1995 Jon Whalley seen inspecting DLG with John Shawe and Mark Mitchell on loco. Inteviews with Gordon Rushton and Dave Allen (WHLR Co.), Bob Anderson (Caernarfon Chamber of Trade) Andrew Lance
1995 May 11 News - TR prisoners 1.41 Andrew Lance
1995 Jun 5 Breaking The Mould - Slate C4 & BBC Wales 16.24 5th March 1995 Only one FR shot, of ME and C set at Dolrhedyn Bridge. Old shots in Dinorwic Quarry also Penrhyn Castle (start missing from video held) Andrew Lance
1995 May 14 Wales Today BBC 0.58 14th May 1995 Rory Francis from Snowdonia National Park Society interviewed. Gordon Rushton and Tony Smare seen Andrew Lance
1995 Nov News BBC 1.16 Lottery award. Andrew Arrowsmith driving Blanche. Inteview with Gordon Rushton. Filmed at Harbour station Andrew Lance
1996 Holiday with Jill Dando etc 13.11 Sue Cook stays at Maes-y-Neuedd. Chris Boulter is the guard, driver Colin Dukes Andrew Lance
1996 Coed y Bleiddiau 25.07 Mostly welsh. Interview with the Johnsons of Coed y Bleiddiau. Shots of DLG with Paul Davies? Fireman Andrew Lance
1996 Jan 24 Y Parc S4C 4.53 Soap opera. Meirion Roberts at Penrhyn crossing with push-pull train going up Andrew Lance
1996 Feb 4 Country File BBC 3.19 (4.5 million?) Couple of video faults. Alco in grey, Tony Williams driving. Library shots of Palmerston and DLG from 1993 With Nigel Dant and Dave Thurlow, also Linda and Blanche with Seamus Rogers at Cei Mawr. Eamonn Seddon talking at Boston Lodge. Andrew Lance
1996 Mar 5 Pacio S4C 24.58 Holiday programme. Maes-y-Neuadd Hotel. 7 minutes of ME and c set Andrew Lance
1997? Homeland BBC 7.44 Steam and Cuisine. Alco in grey. Cleaner??, Eamonn Seddon talks. Patrick Dobson locks up. Robert Cooper serving. Adrian Strachan fireman, Mick Whittle and Chris Boulter guard at Blaenau. Peter Traloar dining. Graham Bond driving Andrew Lance
1997-99 Working Lunch WHR 5.13 Eleri Carrog and others give their point of view. Eamonn Seddon and Rory Francis from Snowdonia Society interviewed (only poor quality video held) Andrew Lance
1998 Welsh Agenda Steam and Cuisine HTV 4.53 Robert Cooper serving. Tony Smare dining. Linda driven by Mike Middleton Andrew Lance
1998 TVAM Gala 0.34 Short clip. Derek Evans and ??. on EofM, Ted Beausire and Ann Evans exchange short section token at Minffordd. Russell and Prince at Boston Lodge curve Andrew Lance
1998 Apr 1 The Clothes Show Bride Of The Year BBC 24.21 Bride joins train at Minfforrdd watched by Claire Traxon, Maureen Pye? Andrew Lance, Jon Whalley, Stuart Boorman and travels to Porthmadog. Guard Alan Heywood Andrew Lance
1998 Sep 8 News HTV 1.58 Colin Dukes, Eamonn Seddon and Peter Hodgett talking. LLyr ap Iolo on Linda Andrew Lance
1998 Sooty & Co CITV 19.36 7th December 1998 Series 6, "85. Rocky 1 (aka A Prisoner for Heights)". Peter Weston on Porthmadog platform, Andrew Lance is the guard. Aled Lloyd on DLG Andrew Lance
1999 Bill Bryson 24.35 1999 Only 3 minutes on railway. Carlton. 16x9. Iorwerth Roberts (guard), Eileen and Neil Clayton in buffet car, Jenny Quale on EofM Andrew Lance
1999 Jun 30 News BBC 2.02 30th June 1999 Trish and Roland Doyle, Mike Schumann, Tony Smare interviewed. Eleri Carrog and Iwan Hughes give their points of view (only poor quality video held) Andrew Lance
1999 The Antiques Inspectors BBC 43.49 12th September 1999 Paul Davies and on Linda. Guard Richard Stedman Jones. Andrew Lance with Hornby Dublo train set in Spooners Andrew Lance
1999 Sep 19 Homeland BBC 27.20 19th September 1999 Presenter Sara Edwards on train at Dinas. John Whalley on 143. Interview with Eamonn Seddon. Guard Andrew Lance selling ticket. David Firth from Snowdonia Society and farmer Richard Williams speak. Murray……….. and Peter Hugman seen at Dinas. About 7 minutes. Andrew Lance


2000s Material
Year Month Day Programme or title of clip Medium Duration Date Shown Note or Comment Source
2000 Codi Stêm 2000 . Andrew Lance
2000 Awaydays HTV
2001 Your Century, Porthmadog
2002 Away with Words 18.36 Presented by Steve Vickerstaff and Kate Humble. Filmed around Porthmadog High Street and on the train. Sam Hughes in the Booking Office, Paul Davies and Ian Wilkinson on DLG, Phil Brown Richard Stedman Jones at Minffordd. Dan May and Richard Buxton are the buffet steward. Andrew Lance
2002 Becky and Barnaby Bear 13.53 2002 Widescreen. Sam Hughes in Booking Office, Tim Davies is the Guard. Martin Wiseman, Tony Willmore and Mark Quale on the EofM Andrew Lance
News BBC 16.30 Waunfawr opening Charles Total 5 clips from local news Steve Coulson Collection Andrew Lance
News ITV 16.30 Waunfawr opening Charles Total 5 clips from Steve Coulson Collection Andrew Lance
2004 May Bristol Travelling Library Visit by Bristol Travelling Library in May 2004. Charlie Sharp is enrolled into the library on board C-set (coach 112), Stewart Macfarlane - Guard
Welsh Kids Programme 1.01 Andrew Arrowsmith fills Blanche at Blaenau Ffestiniog. Guard Richard Stedman-Jones Andrew Lance
2008 January 3rd Fishlock's Wild Tracks ITV 22.59 Campbell's Platform Andrew Lance
2009 April 7th Wedi 7 S4C live broadcast


2010s Material
Year Month Day Programme or title of clip Medium Duration Date Shown Note or Comment Source
2010 News BBC1 4.33 before 23/5/2010 Queen visiting Caernarfon and trip on WHR to name Glaslyn
2010 News BBC1 2.48 before 23/5/2010 Election
2010 May 16 Countryfile BBC1 5.47 16/5/2010 iplayer Gravity Train
2010 Byw yn yr Ardd S4C 5.39 before 16/9/2010 Dduallt Manor, Huw Jenkins (Welsh)
? S4C Porthmadog Bypass
? Wedi Saith S4C Beddgelert
2010 8.44 before 16/9/2010 Roy Noble, Coed y Bleiddiau
2010 5.32 before 16/9/2010 Bettany Hughes, Manod
2010 October 27 Snowdonia 1890 BBC1 27/10/2010 Snowdonia 1890, episode 6
2011 January 13 Great British Railway Journeys BBC2 Michael Portillo's Great British Railway Journeys, Series 4, Episode 9, Llechwedd and trip to Porthmadog
2011 April Full Steam Ahead BBC2 57.58 Produced and directed by Helen Williams-Ellis
2013 January 20th Iolo's Great Welsh Parks BBC1
2014 November 22nd The National Lottery Live BBC1 09.02 22/11/14 Brief appearance for Paul Lewin describing the £4.3 million lottery grant in 1994
2017 February 1st Who Do You Think You Are - Greg Davies BBC1 58.09 1/2/17
2018 January 19th Great British Railway Journeys BBC2 30:22 19/1/18 Michael Portillo's Great British Railway Journeys, Series 9 Criccieth to Caernarfon
2018 Al Murray: Why Does Everyone Hate the English? History 43:56 Linda's footplate with Phil Brown
2019 November 15th World's Most Scenic Railway Journeys Channel 5 45.06 link to C5 website


2020s Material
Year Month Day Programme or title of clip Medium Duration Date Shown Note or Comment Source
2020 March 6th The Yorkshire Steam Railway Channel 5 6/3/20 S3 Ep3, visit to FR for toilet information. Glenn Williams, Jon Whalley, Paul Lewin

You Tube &c.[edit]

Whilst not necessarily professional material, the "You Tube" facility online has provided a repository of videos by the public. A, by no means complete, list of some of these can be found here

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