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With so many names in use, many referring to the same thing, a quick 'n' easy glossary of FR terms may aid the reader.

For starters, here are some well-known nicknames of FR locomotives and rolling stock, sortable alphabetically by nickname or formal name.

Locomotive nickname list[edit]

Press the up/down arrows to sort by that column.

Nickname[1] Page reference
Aargh, The Moel-y-Gest
Alabama Tractor Moelwyn
Alco, The Mountaineer II
Baby Blue Britomart
Bama Moelwyn
Barge,The Mountaineer
Bendy Legs Criccieth Castle
Blue Brick, The Vale of Ffestiniog
Brick, The Vale of Ffestiniog
Castle Aarghh Moel-y-Gest
Conkout Conway Castle
Cricc Criccieth Castle
Crikey Criccieth Castle
Dave, The David Lloyd George
Dig-a-dag Linda
DLG David Lloyd George
Earl, The Earl of Merioneth
Penrhyn Lady Class Linda and Blanche
Eric Palmerston
Ernie Taliesin III
Funkey, The Vale of Ffestiniog
Gimp, The Prince
Hebog, The Moel Hebog
Hedgehog Moel Hebog
INA Harlech Castle
Ladies, The Linda and Blanche
Niv, The Linda
Nivelty Linda
No. 12 David Lloyd George
Old Gent, The Prince
Ozzy Ashover
Peckett, The Volunteer
Rick, The Blanche
Ricket Blanche
Shitty Harold
Shitty the Shunter Harold
Simplex, The Mary Ann
Smedley Prince
Soup Dragon, The David Lloyd George
Square, The Earl of Merioneth
Tal Taliesin III
Tim Lyd
Tractor, The Mary Ann
Uproar Upnor Castle
Uproar Castle Upnor Castle

Carriage and wagon nickname list[edit]

Press the up/down ’’’arrows’’’ to sort by that column.

Nickname Page reference
Flying Bench The Flying Bench (Carriage 11)
Hoppity Hopper Four-Wheel Steel Side-Discharge Hopper Wagon No.82

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Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ Where a name is used with the definite article (”the”), putting that last seems the only way to make the table sortable by the name proper.