Ffestiniog Railway Steam Locomotive Availability 2006

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This page records the status, as advised, of the fleet at the end of 2006.

Steam Locomotive Availability 2006
Locomotive Built Fuel Availability Condition Notes Source Date Carriage Rating
Princess 1863 coal No Worked the last train on 1st August 1946 before the nine years of temporary closure and not used since On display in Spooners n/a n/a
Welsh Pony 1867 coal No Withdrawn from service in 1938 after failing a hydraulic test and not used since Not on Public display. In store at Glan-y-Pwll Wiki n/a
Livingston Thompson 1886 coal No Withdrawn from service in 1971. Cosmetic restoration in 1988 On loan to the National Railway Museum in York n/a
/-\ /-\ /-\ /-\ /-\ /-\ /-\ /-\ /-\
Prince 1863 oil Yes RTS 1999. Available for use GA 5
Palmerston 1864 coal Yes RTS 2005. Available for use GA 5
Merddin Emrys 1879 oil Yes Major Rebuild, including new bogies, completed 2005 Available for use Wiki; GA 12
Earl of Merioneth 1979 coal Yes The Earl has been converted to coal firing. Last year of service before expiry of extension to boiler ticket GA Mar 06 12
David Lloyd George 1992 oil Yes RTS 2002 Available for service Wiki; GA Mar 06 12
Taliesin 1999 coal Yes Available for use GA Mar 06 6
Linda 1893 oil See Condition & Notes 05 Mar 06: Frames are on a bogie wagon in the works & have been repainted Frames still on table in erecting shop, tender moved from old loco shed to 3 Road where a start has been made on mock ups of bunker / shovelling plate. Work has been undertaken on horns & boxes; the new glands have been machined up; the new neck rings are all done before grinding the slide bars (now done) and will be offerd up shortly. Progress might well increase now Merddin is back on his wheels. Paul Lewin FR E-group posting 36467; GA Jul 06 8
Blanche 1893 oil Yes Available for use GA 8
Mountaineer 1916 oil No Its 10 year boiler certificate expired in February 2006 Stored pending workshop time/volunteers/ financial resources to overhaul Roger Van Preet FR E-group posting 33405 ; GA Dec 05 8
Lilla 1891 coal No Undergoing a major overhaul in the works and is awaiting a new boiler. The first components for the new boiler have been delivered to Boston Lodge, where the boiler will be fabricated. Roger Van Preet FR E-group posting 33405 Dec 05 ?
Britomart (Privately owned) 1899 coal No Overhaul in progress New foundation ring and inner firebox being fitted Rob Coulson Mar 06 2

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