Permanent Way Department

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The Permanent Way department was responsible for maintaining the track and all civil engineering. In 1965 Ron Lester and Will Jones were listed as "Departmental Heads". Fred Howes was in charge until his retirement, and had been since the 1970s. He was trained by Will Jones, one of the PW lengthmen from the pre-war days who rejoined the Company in the early days of its revival.

In the 1990s a second Permanent Way gang was created at Dinas to construct the WHR. During the construction phases the gang were employed by FR subsidiary companies (including WHRCL), transferring back to the FR Co. permanently when Phase 4 was completed.

Following the departure of Fred Howes in 2010, both Permanent Way gangs became part of the Infrastructure Department as part of a management restructure. The WHR gang is based at Dinas and the FR gang is based at the old goods shed at Minffordd Yard. The former is the only Infrastructure Department section that is not based at Minffordd.

Rolling Stock[edit]

This list is not exhaustive and only includes the main vehicles used by the Permanent Way gangs. Other vehicles are often commandeered as required. See also the Wagons lists and the categories Permanent Way vehicles and Departmental vehicles.

FR Section[edit]

Vehicles based on the FR normally carry a distinct livery of grey with a yellow band.[video 1]. These include:

Note * Van 58 was used extensively by PW gangs but was sold in 2014 to Apedale.

WHR Section[edit]

WHR vehicles carry a variety of liveries. Most wagons carry South African Railways livery & Upnor Castle carries its historical FR livery.

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