South African Ballast Wagons

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Two former South African Railways ballast wagons were acquired as construction rolling stock for Phase 2 of the WHR rebuild. These self-discharging bogie hopper vehicles represent an advance on anything similar used on this gauge in the UK before, and have similar capabilities to ballast-laying vehicles used on the standard gauge. The ballast wagons have been renumbered from 2021 and 2022 to 4021 and 4022 in order to release their original numbers for the new coaches acquired in 2002.

Source: WHR (Caernarfon) Rolling Stock: Goods Stock (external)


WHR(C) wagon 4021 at Rhyd-Ddu
*Date: 17th June 2006 *Photo: Kim Winter


WHR(C) wagon 4022 at Rhyd-Ddu
*Date: 17th June 2006 *Photo: Kim Winter

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