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The WHR(C) has a number of former South African Railways DZ wagons which have sides half the height of the B Wagons. Often used for transporting volunteers and ballast during Phases 1 and 2.

There are also some of this type which have lost sides and ends, see DZ Flat Wagons.

Since 2014 several have been overhauled and converted with drop-flap ends which allow a tracked mini-excavator to travel along inside and between the wagons when involved in ballasting operations. It is understood that about six have been converted, but not all have visible numbers, in particular two seen at Minffordd in May 2018.


Overhauled and fitted with drop-flap ends 2015.

DZ1423 now BZ1423[edit]

In 2017 this wagon was rebuilt at Boston Lodge using the orginal running gear, a new underframe, sides from a B wagon (with drop door in the centre) but reduced to the height of the original DZ sides, and drop-flap ends similar to those on the wagons rebuilt for the ballasting train. Due to its hybrid nature it has been given the new classification 'BZ' (which is not an official SAR type code). (source FRM 236)


Overhauled and fitted with drop-flap ends 2014, repainted 2017.

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