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Working timetables[edit]


Each passenger train is assigned a headcode for internal communications purposes. There is provision for works trains and other services to be assigned headcodes but these often run 'as required'.

The headcode is in the format LETTER NUMBER NUMBER, e.g. P97. The number part without is unique to a single train each day. The letter indicates the destination (see below for table), whilst the number range indicates the type of train (again, see below). Odd numbers are for Up trains towards Blaenau Ffestiniog, and even numbers for Down trains towards Caernarfon.

Destination letters
Letter Destination
A Tanygrisiau
B Beddgelert
C Caernarfon
D Dinas Junction
E Penrhyn
F Blaenau Ffestiniog
G Glan y Pwll
H Rhiw Goch
L Boston Lodge
M Minffordd
N Pen-y-mount
P Porthmadog Harbour Station
R Rhyd Ddu
S Pont Croesor
T Tan y Bwlch
U Dduallt
W Waunfawr
Y Hafod y Llyn (WHR)
Z To intermediate point in section
Type numbers
Number Type
01+ FR passenger services
20- WHR works/goods/ECS
30+ FR additional/special services
80+ FR works/goods/ECS
99- WHR passenger services

Old Company[edit]

FR 1867 - 1945 under construction
NWNGR 1877 - 1922
WHR 1922 - 1936


FR 1956 Covering May to September (full length of 1956 season)

FR 1958 Covering May - September (full length of 1958 season)

FR 1960 Covering April - October (full length of 1960 season)

FR 1969 Covering March - November

FR 1978 Covering January - December

FR 1982 Covering February 1982 - March 1983

FR 1990 Covering March - December

FR 1992 Covering March - December

FR 1998 Covering February - November, and includes WHR Caernarfon - Dinas section

FR 2000 Covering January - December
WHR 2000 Covering January - December

FR 2006 Covering March - October
WHR 2006 Covering April - November

FR 2007 Covering Summer and Winter Timetables
WHR 2007 Covering Summer and Winter Timetables

FR 2008 Covering early Winter Timetables
WHR 2008 Covering early Winter Timetables

FR 2009/2010 (Winter) Covering September 2009 - March 2010
WHR 2009/2010 (Winter) Covering September 2009 - March 2010

FR 2010 Covering March - October
WHR 2010 Covering March - October

FR 2011 Covering March - October
WHR 2011 Covering March - October, but see enhanced timetable below
WHR 2011 Enhanced Includes additional late-notice services over the High Summer period

FR 2012 Covering March - October
WHR 2012 Covering March - October

FR 2013 Covering January - December
WHR 2013 Covering January - December

FR 2015 Covering January - December
WHR 2015 Covering January - December

FR 2017 covering March to November

FR 2018 covering March to November

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