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Year Rail Weight Type Location Detail Notes
1888 113lb/yd (56kg/m) FB Cae Pawb diamond crossing
2010 80lb/yd (40kg/m) FB Cae Pawb diamond crossing closure/transition rail
2005 60lb/yd (30kg/m) BH Cae Pawb diamond crossing NG rail Brown
1999 45lb/yd rail FB Croesor Tramway relay rail Complete
1901 75lb ?? Harbour Station relay rail Blue
1999 41lb/yd (20kg/m) TW Croesor Junction A4085 level crossing Purple
2000 75lb FB Pen-y-mount down line with base plates
1999 50lb FB Pen-y-mount rails replaced with 75lb rails on baseplates
2014 Green
2014 Red
1961 Yellow
2015 White Orange Amber
Lime Green Khaki
2099 Black

Train heating[edit source]

  • Train heating
  • Carriage 121 - gas fired heating. Cabled and plumbed for Push Pull operation.
  • Carriage 102 - diesel fired heating in previous carriages (111 and 122), 102 is heated.
  • Carriage 123 - The carriage is now double glazed, insulated and features an Eberspächer heating system.
  • Carriage 110 -
  • Carriage 2040 -
  • Hostels - ovens for heating the naphthalene-filled foot-warmers which were routinely issued to first class passengers on winter trains during the Victorian Era.