Harbour Station remodelling and resignalling (2007-2014)

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Remodelling in association with the arrival of the WHR (2008)[edit]

With the WHR fast approaching Porthmadog, changes had to made to the layout of the station

The 'temporary' connection made in 2008 was used for a limited number of trains each day during the 2011 season. The popularity of these trains, together with the opening of the Porthmadog bypass in October 2011 meant that the 2012 season saw all WHR trains terminating at Harbour Station, even though this required a pilot loco to haul trains on and off the cob from the one platform.

This in turn led to pressure to complete the changes proposed for the WHR's arrival.

Remodelling (2014)[edit]

Initial work begins[edit]

In late 2011 the initial works were carried out to start the ‘Cob widening project’ to makeup new land to build a second platform for Harbour Station. This involves removing the built up sea wall, pole carrying lights and a webcam, and building the haul road access.

Work starts in earnest[edit]

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The station is completed[edit]

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Resignalling (2014)[edit]

Early plans for remodelling (2007)[edit]

As of 15 October 2007, shortly before work is due to start, here is the current planned layout from WHRCL. This is identical to the version that appeared in FRM-195. There are changes that will be made to the layout of the sidings and how they are fed off 3 road.

The original plans for the remodelled Harbour Station. Supplied by David High © 2007 WHRCL

The WHR line comes in at top left of picture and runs at a 45 degree slop to join the FR line at the bottom right. The platform is the shaded area, now covering what was 1 road (the full black line in the shaded area) The Cob Record store is the rectangular building at the top The trackwork at the water tower end of all the Harbour roads is subject to change for operational requirements

There are also some documents, copyright © WHRCL, which are available to view. It should be noted that these are the planned arrangements as of the date that appears on them.

Harbour Station Section

Further reading[edit]

The current most comprehensive text on the design, implementation and operation of the new Harbour Station signalling is:

  • Harbour Station, Porthmadog: Building a new signalling scheme by Bob Bloodworth (2019)

Bob Bloodworth was a late volunteer who was very significant in the installation of the new signalling. It can be purchased from F&WHR shops, and from the Festrail online shop here.

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