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Tan y Bwlch to Dduallt Tanygrisiau to Blaenau Ffestiniog
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Stations and halts are in larger type. Locations on the current official route as defined by the rule book are in bold. Inset locations are not on the route itself but are nearby and of interest.

Old Line[edit]


  • Rhoslyn (Moor Lake) – the mere seen below at the northern end of Dduallt station and behind Rhoslyn Cottage.
  • (New) Moelwyn Tunnel
  • Gradient Post 120/80 – within tunnel nearer the southern portal.
  • (New) Tunnel North
  • Culvert Two (Archer Dam)
  • Archer Dam Foot Crossing
  • Culvert Three
  • C.E.G.B. Measuring Weir – recording water entering the reservoir from Afon Ystradau.
  • Milepost 11
  • Culvert Four
  • Culvert Five – A sheep creep on the shore of Llyn Ystradau.
  • Culvert Six
  • Culvert Seven Curves
  • Gradient Post 76/120
  • Llyn Ystradau (Lake of the valleys) Site of temporary station 1977-78
  • Llyn Ystradau Crossing
  • Buarth Melyn (Yellow farm) (Culvert Eight)
  • Benions Folly
  • Gradient Post 197/76
  • Ffestiniog Power Station – Hydro-Electric Pumped Storage System. The Power Station was opened on 10th August 1963 by H.M. The Queen. The Power station can be brought from idle to full load of 360 megawatts in less than a minute. Behind the Power Station, at the intermediate summit, the railway, on longer sleepers, with additional longitudinal guard rails, is carried over four separate bridges, one for each of the four high pressure Penstock water pipes linking the power station with Llyn Stwlan.
  • Gradient Post 78/197 – Power Station Summit - between this point and the upper end of Tanygrisiau Station (next gradient post above), the up gradient of 1 in 197 (in the Blaenau Ffestiniog direction) becomes a down gradient of 1 in 78.
  • Power Station Summit
  • Culvert Nine
  • Culvert Ten
  • Valve House Cutting
  • Valve House Crossing (Automated Open Crossing/AOCL) – also called Portal or Penstocks Crossing. Officially known as Penstock Road Crossing (Light Railway Order).
  • Tanygrisiau Reservoir (created by damming the Afon Ystradau near the village of Tanygrisiau and fed at its north-eastern end by Afon Cwmorthin and at its south-western end by the Afon Ystradau flowing through Nant Ystradau from Moel Ystradau). The reservoir covers an area of 96 acres and the water level can rise and fall by up to eighteen feet in typical daily operation (using 2,000,000 cubic metres of water).
  • Access Road – the original FR 1836 route is now the access road to the Ffestiniog Power Station built 1963.
  • Power Station Information Centre, now a cafe.
  • Cwmorthin Bridge
  • Ty’n y Pistyll Crossing - Just inside Tanygrisiau station points
  • Afon Cwmorthin waterfall (on the left going towards Blaenau) and bridge – below the bridge, the Afon Cwmorthin flows into the Tanygrisiau reservoir, the outfall from which enters the Afon Goedol.
  • Gradient Post 148/78 – Upper end of the Deviation – The down gradient of 1 in 78 from the Power Station summit becomes an up gradient of 1 in 148 (in the Blaenau direction).
  • Tanygrisiau Station

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  • Compiled from the original FR Heritage Chronology, available from the [FRHG] and used here with permission