NWNGR timber wagons

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Timber wagons of the NWNGR and WHR

The published accounts show that by June 1881 and to June 1891 there were 5 timber trucks within the total stock, 4 at December 1891, increasing to 11 at December 1912. The latter increase may have been conversions from slate wagons which reduced by 21 at the same time. The reanalysis of wagon types at December 1913 lists 29 Rail and Timber trucks (with 14 for 1912), and 34 from 1919. There was significant timber traffic during WW1 on the uncompleted section through Beddgelert Forest and some of the wagons were still present when Robert Williams made his stock inspection in 1922. He reported 12 bolster wagons and 11 'check trucks' or runners. Two bolster wagons were photographed at Dinas in 1935.[1]

A Schedule prepared for the FR lease of the WHR in 1934 does not mention bolster wagons but does include one 'Old Carriage converted to timber wagon 25ft long' which would be the frame of one of the Ashbury brake compos. This was used in the demolition trains.[2]

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