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A number of wagons have been restored and refurbished by the East Anglian Group (EAG) of the WHR Society. The first batch were used on Phase IV of the Welsh Highland Railway reconstruction project. The later wagons are now in general use on the F&WHR network.

Hudson Flats[edit]

Four small Hudson vehicles were donated by the Imperial War Museum, and were recovered from its Duxford site, where there had been an abortive plan for a short 2' gauge line. The four Hudsons were restored and modified for WHR use at Horseheath, near Cambridge; the modifications included spacers between frames and axleboxes to make their coupler height compatible with small works locos such as the Simplex Dolgarrog. As the wagons have no continuous brakes their intended use is restricted to unopened sections of the railway. EAG 2 was displayed at Dinas during Super Power 2005. EAG 3 was put to use soon after the start of Phase 4 tracklaying, as seen below.

Some additional Notes by Richard Watson:

The wagons originated on the MoD railway at the secret research establishment at Orfordness, Suffolk. It is believed that they were used in connection with sea defence work here. Later on, they were acquired by the Imperial War Museum at Duxford, where it was intended that they would be used on a demonstration WW1 "Trench Railway", complete with the Baldwin 4-6-0T now at Gelert's Farm. The EAG did try to acquire this locomotive but were "beaten to it". However, by way of compensation the IWM donated virtually the entire railway to us - much of which was shared with the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway in return for their assistance with labour.

After completion of the WHR tracklaying these wagons were transferred to the Penrhyn Railway restoration project.

RNAD wagons[edit]

Following on from the Hudsons, the EAG have modified three larger ex-RNAD flat wagons for F&WHR use with a fourth in hand.

Wagon 5001[edit]

(EAG 5) Tender to KMX Tamper.

The fifth wagon to be refurbished by the East Anglian Group is ex RNAD and had to be converted to 2 ft (nominal) gauge from 2 ft 6 in. It has been numbered 5001 and will be used as a 'tender' or 'runner' to the KMX Tamper. This vehicle is required to carry tools and equipment required by the tamper whilst operating but which cannot be safely transported on it. It is the only unfitted wagon normally allowed on the WHR and then only on condition that the side-chains are connected to the tamper (which itself has no vacuum brake).

Wagons 5002,3[edit]

Two ex RNAD wagons have been rebuilt by the EAG as flat wagons for use on lineside clearance work. They have been regauged, widened, redecked and fitted with vacuum brake, steps and new couplers. Each has a standard F&WHR chopper coupler at one end and a link-and-pin type (as used on some of the FR engineering stock) at the other. They were delivered to the Railway on 4 Sept 2011.

Wagon 5004[edit]

This was intended to become a mess and tool van for use with the lineside clearance train. Work was in progress in 2011.

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