Readymix Wagon

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After the Torpedo Waggon was hired in 1977 for delivering concrete to the New Moelwyn Tunnel it was not available for the same work in 1978 when shotcreting of the tunnel remained to be completed. The FR's own readymix wagon was created by Andy Putnam. It was made up of a spare Isle of Man carriage underframe mounted on a couple of bogies. On it were mounted a diesel engine and Rapier readymix unit from a road readymix lorry (which had been written off after it rolled down the embankment)and a water tank from a small road bowser. The unit only operated from a loading bay at Llyn Ystradau down to the tunnel. It was probably out of gauge for many parts of the FR which would explain why it was not retained for long. It may not have ever been allocated a number as it did not work on the operational railway but only on the almost completed deviation. It did carry the IoM (unofficial) number R2, and later, stripped to a general-purpose flat car, became known as Wagon 57. See also iBase 4134.

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