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In July 2003 WHR(C) was formally twinned with the Sandstone Heritage Trust & Railway in South Africa, who marked the twinning by generously donating former South African Railways bogie NG.V-16 brake van no. 3172, including shipping to the UK. This has proved to be a most useful vehicle in its own right, and it also enables WHR(C) to run fully authentic South African demonstration freight trains, and indeed to run freights even when brake carriage no. 1001 is unavailable. Its interior is divided between guard's van and open van space.

Restoration was complete by February 2006. The van saw extensive use on Phase 4 construction duties.

Source: WHR (Caernarfon) Rolling Stock: Goods Stock (external)

V-16 3172

At rear of Dinas Carriage shed

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